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Our Vision

At Pelephant, we want to sustainably improve the future of learning. We are convinced that everyone in the world has a right to receive education and we actively contribute to this with our solutions.

Our Mission

We have chosen mathematics as our area of focus.
We believe that a solid maths education is helpful in all areas of life and that every person should receive it. Mathematic classes not only promote hard facts but also skills such as problem solving, perseverance and creativity.
We develop products that support pupils, students as well as parents and teachers in learning maths with more joy.

Our first project is ModusOperandi, an app which verifies your individual handwritten solutions.

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Our Projects

Our products provide additional value not only to pupils and students, but also to parents and teachers.


ModusOperandi helps pupils and students to verify their individual math solutions and to learn with targeted feedback.

Our second project is Math2GPT. We combine the advantages of GPT, so-called Generative Pretrained Transformers, with the simplicity of a simple scan of mathematical solutions. 

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